What Changed When

Free Content Monitoring‚Äč

Affiliate Program

WhatChangedWhen is changing the website monitoring-space with our new "Content Monitoring" ability.

And we want your help in promoting us, and we will reward you for your help.

Our affiliate program currently offers 33% "Lifetime Recurring Commissions" on all recurring purchases, and the same percentage on one-off purchases as well.

And during this limited Pre-Launch, we're bumping it up to 50% commissions for all purchases made during pre-launch. 

If you are already an affiliate, we protect your commissions by making our affiliate program open only to our paying subscribers, as well as by invitation only.

So simply sign up for a paid account, and you'll automatically get access to our affiliate program.

Or if you have an audience or client-base that you would like to promote this to, please contact us.