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Why PodcastReviews.me?

All Reviews, All Countries. Free.

Apple Podcasts (iTunes) currently supports 155 countries. PodcastReviews.me downloads and displays all of your Apple Podcasts (iTunes) reviews from all of those 155 countries.

If you tried to do this manually by opening up iTunes on your desktop, switching the default country each time at the bottom of your screen (flag icon), next screen switch countries, go back to your podcast page, switch to reviews tab, then do it all over again for each country, it would take you roughly about 462 minutes - or almost 8 HOURS - just to check all of them (at 3 minutes/country). But PodcastReviews.me can get you all your reviews in about 30 seconds.

Ratings & Reviews

Clear & concise details of each review your podcast has received from all countries: Review title, name of reviewer, country of submission, date submitted, star-rating and review text. Sort reviews by date or ratings (or both).

Easy Social Sharing & Copy/Pasting

It is impossible to copy-and-paste reviews from Apple Podcasts using iTunes (desktop) software.

But PodcastReviews.me makes it easy to easily share any review on social media, including your podcast image, star-rating, and review title and text (as much as allowed by the platform).

And you can even copy/paste the text from your review (headline and/or text) and use it on your own podcast website, blog, or post to other social platforms (like Instagram or Facebook).

What Podcasters Are Saying:

"PodcastReviews.me has made finding and reading my reviews a breeze.

The site is incredibly easy to navigate for those of us who aren’t the most technically inclined and sharing reviews on social media is easy peasy.

Thanks for creating this!"

Tawny Platis

The Dirty Bits


"I totally love Podcastreviews.me as it makes super-easy for me to see all my podcast reviews in one place. I was wandering all over the different iTunes stores to see if I got any reviews from those countries.

I was surprised to see reviews from countries that I least expected - all thanks to PodcastReviews.me.

I also love that it makes it a breeze to share my reviews on Facebook with just a single click."

Bijay Gautam

The Inspiring Talk Podcast

"I've been looking for something like this.

Simple to use, works great. Nice work! 


Clyde Lee Dennis

7 Good Minutes Daily Self-Improvement Podcast


"It is so refreshing to finally be able to see all of my iTunes reviews. Normally, I can only see reviews for my podcast from Canadians, where I live.

Thanks to PodcastReviews.me, I can now also see all of the reviews left by Americans, Australians and others."

James Martell


"Extremely useful tool if you have a podcast.

Not only can you see your Apple podcast reviews if you're not on an apple device but you can see reviews from across the world.

100% would recommend."

Connor Kisling

Counting Cryptids

"PodcastReviews.me is an elegant solution to a difficult problem.

With this tool you can access all your reviews from every country where you have a fan base. That makes it easy for you to do content localization and more.

The Facebook share option also helps you to build your social proof and therefore increase your listener base and downloads.

I highly recommend it for the smart podcaster that wants to take their game to a higher level."

Chi Odogwu
The Bulletproof Entrepreneur Podcast

"If you're a content creator, you know the importance of being tuned into your audience.

PodcastReviews.me helps me easily aggregate important bits of audience sentiment, clean and simple.

If you're building content with a global audience in mind, it's definitely worth checking out."

Franko Ali
Finder Podcast


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If you need to monitor reviews for more than 30 podcasts, please contact us for a custom plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the Free plan really free?

How can you afford to offer a FREE plan?

Can I see my reviews even if it's a commercial podcast?

Do I have to upload anything to my web site? Or download any software to my computer?

How is this different from other Podcast Review services?

What kind of review-alerts will you be sending me via email?

All Reviews.

All Countries.

All Free.

Sign up for a free account. No credit card required.

See ALL of your reviews from ALL countries for no charge. And if you wish to monitor more than 1 podcast, or you want your show to be monitored every day and automatically be notified by email of any new reviews from any one of 155 countries, you may upgrade at any time to one of our ridiculously low-priced "One-time Payment, Lifetime Access" paid plans.

P.S.: Check out the FAQ section above, and if you have any further questions or concerns, please email us.

For now, just go ahead and sign up for free account. And you can be seeing all of your reviews from all countries (155 of them) in just a couple of minutes from now.

Your Podcast Reviews: Free!

This is the first and only Podcast Review-Monitoring Service that offers a completely free, no-questions-asked Free Plan. 

In just 30 seconds from now, you can be seeing all of your podcast reviews from Apple Podcasts (iTunes), from all 155 countries, for free.

And you get Free Monthly Monitoring for new reviews that will be automatically emailed to you at the email id you use to sign up for a free account.

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